Sharing gratitude – Erik Peper – Poem

Sharing Gratitude  

“It was late in the afternoon and I was tired. A knock on my office door.” 

“One of my students came in and started to read to me from a card.  I want to thank you for

all your help in my self-healing project…I didn’t know the improvements were possible for me

in a span of 5 weeks…. I thank you so much for encouraging and supporting me..”


He continued: “I have taken back control of myself and continue to make new

discoveries about my identity and find my own happiness and fulfillment.,,, Thank you

so much.”” I was deeply touched and my eyes started to fill with tears. At that moment,

I felt so appreciated. We hugged. My tiredness disappeared and I felt at peace” Heaven Sent!


This student had completed the daily self-healing practices .

When the university students practice a sequence of daily self-healing exercises

outlined in the book, Make Health Happen (Peper, Gibney & Holt, 2002), most report

significant improvement in their health and well-being.” So this is my Retort :


I am thankful for Erik Peper’s Friendship, as it is Intelligent, Passionate, with limitless humor,

A remarkable: Scientist, Philosopher, Professor, and Friend, and that is no rumor!


Copyright 2015 Lawrence Klein

Source: Sharing gratitude


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