eVu- TPS

Thought Technology Ltd. created eVu-TPS

To measure Temperature, Pulse and Skin Conductance,

Triple Physiological Sensor– to your Smartphone

So you have self- control wherever you roam.


As you exhale deeply your heart rate slows,

When you breath IN it increases, TPS shows,

You how to gain control of your meditation,

Your ability to focus, begin the celebration,


Of ‘Mindfulness’ enhancing your ability,

For self- regulation, as you see,

The effects of your efforts, of letting go,

Puts you in control, because you know


What works and what doesn’t, immediately,

As you are in control of what you can see!


“A country’s Health is its wealth   

“Technology for Better Health”.

The motto created by Thought Technology,

Enabling people so they can see,


Changes – In their GSR, Temp and BVP,

That’s Blood Volume Pulse, so they can be

Relaxed under Stress.  As You exhale

Your Heart Rate Slows, this is no tale.


But the Science of Psychophysiology,

Used by Doctors, Therapists, & Coaches: We

enable you to focus and ‘Calm under Stress’,

Scoring Penalty Goals, under Duress!

Whatever your goal, you can achieve,

Mindfulness, Consciousness, and Self-Belief.
Copyright Lawrence Klein 2016

Poetry Reading: eVu TPS, by Lawrence Klein  http://bit.ly/2AJlo7u)


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